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Why Make the Switch to Reusable Shadow Shields from Disposable Eye Makeup Shields?

ShadowMoon shook the internet in 2020 in launching the ultimate alternative to disposable eye makeup shields (aka eyeshadow guards, eyeshadow protector pads etc.) the innovative Reusable Shadow Shield, ShadowMoon.  The cute silicone moon shaped shield has so many amazing qualities that solves many problems faced with their disposable counterparts.  

Here are some of the key features that you'll enjoy by using a ShadowMoon:  


Hold ShadowMoon under your eye to catch eyeshadow fallout. Get super creative or use it for your everyday makeup looks to avoid having to touch up your face makeup and/or clean the shadow off your face!


If you're looking for an easy eyeshadow application, how to apply perfect winged liner, or a perfect smokey eye, you'll love ShadowMoon!  Hold ShadowMoon under your eye as you apply your eyeshadow and/or eyeliner to create a straight edge. It acts similar to eyeshadow stencils or eyeliner stencils to help you get that perfect wing!


This is a HUGE bonus that ShadowMoon has over it's alternatives.  Because it's made from food grade silicone, you can cool it in the freezer to de-puff and soothe your under eye area.  Who doesn't love a good multi-purpose product?!


Use, wash and repeat! Simply, wash your ShadowMoon with soap and water after each use. We all love a good eco-friendly product.  


ShadowMoon is designed with a grip so that NO ADHESIVE is required. Simply, hold it under your eye as you apply your eye makeup. Did you know how sensitive your under-eye area is? Use Reusable Shadow Shields instead of applying makeup tape or products with adhesives to your delicate under-eye area to avoid contributing to pre-mature wrinkles.


ShadowMoon is specifically designed so that you can use it on both eyes without having to flip it over between eyes. Therefore, you don't have to wash it while you're using it, only between uses!

 Use your ShadowMoon for everything from learning how to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner, avoiding eyeshadow fallout, saving time on your everyday makeup looks, full glam/creative looks, cooling puffy morning eyes, or for professional makeup artists to save time on client makeup applications. The possibilities are endless.

Make the switch to a Reusable Shadow Shield today!

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