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Our Favorite Spring Makeup Products by Fashion Nova

Spring is around the corner, and it has us thinking about warmer weather, more social gatherings and the chance to come out of hibernation and flaunt our fresh makeup looks!  Use your ShadowMoon - Reusable Shadow Shield with these Fashion Nova Beauty products to create some whimsical, soft, spring makeup looks!  If you haven’t already, get your ShadowMoon on Fashion Nova now to get ready for the season and kick your disposable eyeshadow shields to the curb!

Maven Beauty Basic Beat Eyeshadow Palette - Bold Blend, Soft Blend and Spotlight 

We’re LOVING the new Maven Beauty eyeshadow palettes! For spring, we especially love the Bold Blend for evening looks, and the soft blend for everyday makeup looks. If you want to add in some shimmer, try their Spotlight palette. To use with your eye makeup shield, hold ShadowMoon under your eye as you apply your eyeshadow, apply the lightest shades all over your eyelid, medium shades starting in the middle of the lid and brush out, and use the darker shades to create a winged out effect.  You’ll have a perfect wing and no eyeshadow fallout on your face when you're finished!  Use Maven Beauty eyeshadow brushes for a pro application and blend.

Maven Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Maven Beauty’s Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is the eyeliner of dreams!  It glides on so smoothly and stays on all day.  For a perfect winged eyeliner application, hold ShadowMoon under your eye at the angle you want your wing and apply your eyeliner.  You’ll have perfect wings and you’ll arrive wherever you’re going on time!  Use black and brown for a classic look, or be BOLD with Sangria and Lagoon for a pop of color.  

Maven Highlighter - Dripped Out

We’re obsessed with Maven Beauty’s Dripped Out Highlighter.  It adds the perfect shimmer and glow to any Spring makeup looks.  Whether it be for a night out or an everyday look, apply a small amount on your cheekbones for a perfect glow.

Maven Lipstick - Sus

We’re obsessed with the Sus Lipstick by Maven Beauty.  It’s the perfect nude shade for spring and stays on for hours!  We’re also loving their Snatched shade, if you’re looking for a deeper nude.

Maven Rose Water Setting Spray

Lock it all in with Rose Water Setting Spray.  With this setting spray, your makeup will stay in place all day and you’ll have a long lasting fresh spring glow.  Spray on as needed throughout the day to refresh your skin. 

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